About me

Hi ! I'm a spirited young designer hailing from Timisoara, one of the main technological hubs in Romania. My main area of expertise is User Experience and User Interface design, although I've worn many hats during my career. 

My outlook on "Design" is that it needs to be holistic, insightful, and be purpose oriented. Design is not just a way to restyle content into digested form. I see it rather as a way to solve issues and meet expectations, rather than impress peers.

When things are going good I am:

Motivated to accomplish goals, tasks and obtain results. I organise and lead others. I'm clear and concise when communicating with others. Confident in most situations, I'm not afraid to challenge. I take quick decisions. I'm ambitious and mindful at opportunities that might come up.

In a conflict situation I am:

Looking for a rational explanation for the causes of a conflict and a logical way to solve it. I am calm with a logical thinking and my attempts are based on warnings of what might go wrong. I ask for time and space to analyse a situation. I examine the causes methodically and objectively while identifying personal responsibilities. I ask others to find out facts.

Why would you want me on board ?

Well, I'm not one to back away from a challenge. I believe in myself, and throwing me to the wolves, will result either in me leading the pack, or being the only one left standing. I "talk"​ developer, I'm tech savvy and a firm believer in the design mantra: "Design is how it works, not how it looks"​.

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